Study opportunities in one of the top schools in the U.S - the Johnson & Wales University

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Study opportunities in one of the top schools in the U.S - the Johnson & Wales University
AVConsultantgroup-study-opportunities-in-one-of-the-top-schools-johnson-walesAs the leading education system, the United States has a lot of schools, including high schools, colleges and universities with high reputation and a full range of programs and degrees which are recognized internationally. Along with diversed cultures, effective learning and teaching methods, students will be able to quickly adopt with the living and learning environment in the U.S.

Listed in the top quality school systems in the United States, the Johnson & Wales University consistently has been ranked in the top 5 schools which has quality training in hospitality Management and the Art of cooking - baking. Founded in 1914, JWU's in Rhode Island, with the large size campus of 10,000 students from 50 states and 60 countries enrolled. The Johnson & Wales University is a professional school for students with high rate career-oriented programs such as: Tourist Accommodation, Dining, Business, Engineering ... Johnson & Wales University is one of the two oldest schools and most specialized in Pastry and Cooking in the United States.

At Johnson & Wales University, you can study 47 degrees on majors including trading,hotel tourism management,cooking, technology, and education. School currently has approximately 1100 international students from more than 90 countries. Every year, school provides up to $6000 US dollar scholarship for international students.

Major programs in the school include:

The business fields: Business Administration, Marketing, Business, Fashion, International Trade, Financial Services Management.

The Engineering field: information systems analysis, network management and e-commerce, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, fabrication technique Robot.

The food field: Art and baking, cooking and dining service management, nutrition, cooking, food Marketing.

The tourism industry: Administrative hotel, Tourism Management and International Hotel, Restaurant Management, Sport Management / entertainment / event.

In addition, school also has the post-graduate training programs including: MBA Global Business Leadership specializing in Accounting, Financial Management, International Trade, Marketing and organizational leaders.

Attending in School, students will receive the best opportunities through internships at 4 facilities located in 4 famous American states such as: the state of Rhode Island, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, as well as enjoy many benefits such as:various types of accommodation in dormitories, campus or off-campus such as homestay, apartment off-campus, comfortable learning environment, modern facilities, flexible schedule in March, September and December. In particular, school has no school enrollment fee for international students.

Especially the Johnson & Wales school agrees to transfer credits for students from institutions of postsecondary education - and this has created favorable conditions for many students who want to transfer to school.
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