Newest changes about U.S Visa

Thursday, July 14, 201612:59 AM(View: 12185)
Newest changes about U.S Visa
AVConsultantgroup-newest-changes-about-u-s-visaConsulate General of the United States has changed the form for a new nonimmigrant visa. New Visa Application Form DS-160 is completely online. This form is used to collect the necessary information of the non-immigrant visa applicants.

Form DS-160 will automatically transfer the data to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Internet. In the interview, the consular officer will use the information on the Form DS-160 for processing visa applications and decide which applicants qualify for a nonimmigrant visa.

DS-160 helps U.S. authorities collect the required information correctly the first time. The declaration is the online application form which could be amended and supplemented, if necessary.

After April 16, the DS-156 will no longer be valid. All applicants will have to use Form DS-160.

DS-160 will replace the DS-156 and additional declarations DS-157 and DS-158 mandatory for some visa applicants.

Also from the date of 16/04/2010, the old DS-156 will no longer be used online; however, any of the DS-156 is made before the deadline will still be accepted after the April 16th.

With the new form, the applicant will have to send Photo Visa and declarations over the Internet.

Also, in the future the records can be processed and checked before the interview, to reduce processing latency profile. Electronic declaration also makes the visa process to become an active "green" and environmental friendly due to the elimination of the need to use paper declarations. The applicant will print just one confirmation page when completing the DS-160.

Changes in visa declaration is part of U.S. efforts to streamline the visa process. More than 70 embassies and the U.S. Consulate in the world switched to the DS-160 application.

For more information on non-immigrant visa application, customers can visit the official web site of the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi: or U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City:

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