Fee increase for non-immigration visa application after June 4th

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Fee increase for non-immigration visa application after June 4th
AVConsultantgroup-fee-increase-for-non-immigration-visa-applicationOn June 4th, U.S. Department of State will increase fee for applying non-immigration Visas. The new fee for Visa B-1/B-1, F, J and Border Crosssing Card will be increased to $140. Meanwhile the new fee for Visas H, L, O, P, Q và R will be raised to $150.
For the applicants who have interview day on June 4th or then, must pay fee of $140 Đô la Mỹ before the interview day. For the applicants who had already paid $131 can pay the difference $9 right at the US Embassy on the interview day (US dollar only)
For the applicants who have interview day on June 7th or then need to wait until June 4th or later to pay interview fee at Citibank.

Fee for Visa Interview

Non-refundable fee for Visa interview can be paid at bank Citibank, Sun Wah building, 1st Floor, 115 Nguyễn Huệ Street, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh city. Bank Citibank working from 8g30 to 11g30 am,and 13g00 to 15g30 pm, from Monday to Friday. Applicants must bring their valid passport with them when they come to pay interview fee. Fee must be paid in US dollar only.
According to new fee rates, all applicants applying for non-immigration visa including visa categories business and tourist B1/B2 Visas and other F, M, J visas will have to pay the amount of $140. Applicants who apply for Visa with sponsorship documents have to pay different pay rates.   

Applicants who apply for Visa with sponsorship documents have to pay extra $10,a total of $150 U.S dollar. The extra fee can be paid at the Embassy Office on the interview day.Note that cashier register at Embassy office only accept U.S dollar and various types of credit card. These are the following Visas :
- Visa for working in short-term (H)
- Visa for working for U.S Representative office (L-1)
- Visa for foreigner wth specialty (O)
- Visa for athletics,artists,celebrities (P)
- Visa for international cultural exchange (Q)
- Visa for religion practice (R)

Visa fees for business investor will be 390 Đô la Mỹ.

Fee for Reciprocity by country

Applicants may have to pay extra fee depending on their visas, nationality, and visa duration. The extra fee depends on reciprocity between the U.S and with the applicant's country. The fee will be required to pay only after the visa is granted. Please go the the website http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/reciprocity/index.htm to get more information about reciprocity  by country
After applicants pay $131, CitiBank will give them a receipt. Each applicant including children and their parents, have need to pay and have seperate receipt. Visa fee is non-refundable and used for only one interview. If applicants want to transfer receipt name, please contact Citibank for more information.

SEVIS Fees( Extra fee for all F,J and M Visa applicants )

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Vistor Program) I-901 is a required fee from the Congress supporting the SEVIS system to keep track of student's status in the U.S. Each student who receive I-20 form or DS-2019 on the September 1st, 2004 or later  must pay that SEVIS fee when applying for Visa. In additional, officer needs to check if the student's electronic documents' validity on the SEVIS before granting the F,J, and M Visas. The SEVIS documents can also be applicable for family members who immigrate to the U.S on Visa F-2, M-2, and J-2. Applicants who get sponsored from U.S government can waive SEVIS fee only their program code begins with letter "G". Most of students who return the U.S for continued programs don't need to pay SEVIS fee.

SEVIS fee is $200 for F and M visa applicants , and $180 for J-1 visa applicants. All applicants who pay SEVIS fee need to complete I-901 form.  They will need to bring SEVIS receipt on the interview day.  Click here to read all instructions how to pay SEVIS fee.  Click here to read all general information about SEVIS fee.

Note: Applicants who hasn't not paid for SEVIS fee will not allowed to proceed the interview. They will be asked to come back Embassy office after paying the SEVIS fee.
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